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About Kelsey

I’d like to say that my lifelong goal was to become a photographer but quite frankly that wasn’t the case. Growing up though, I ALWAYS had a camera on me, whether it be a disposable Kodak from Walgreens or my very first point and shoot at the age of 9. Even after filling up album after album of pictures it never dawned on me that photography was my “thing.” Rather, I just took pictures because I wanted to make sure I never forgot a moment of my youth.

It wasn’t until after I graduated high school that I realized I had a knack for photography and found myself eager to learn more. After mentoring with a few local photographers I found a groove that was all my own. In 2013 I graduated from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Since graduation I have been able to spend more time working on my skill and focusing on the thing that is most important to me: getting better every day! For someone who likes to work hard, I find that one of the best things about this job is that you can never stop improving and that is a challenge I am always up for!